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Land Surface Monitoring for the 21st Century


Today, visual and RADAR imagery is the dominant information source in Earth observation (EO). Both EO-technologies underwent a massive market growth in the past years, based on technological developments: we can routinely get a high-resolution image of our whole planet within 24 h in both spectral regimes. Lately, there is an emerging interest in the thermal infrared to obtain our planet’s surface temperature. But here, we are stuck with decade-old technology. Currently, we always have to compromise between spatial resolution and revisit time. This is putting a massive constraint on the market.


Using our revolutionary technology, we will realize a CubeSat Constellation for continuous high-resolution temperature monitoring of our planet’s surface. We will offer the land surface temperature monitoring service for the 21st century.

Our Planet in the Thermal Infrared.

Markets and applications

Land surface temperature (LST) data is the primary dataset for monitoring applications across different markets as well as the basis for many remote sensing products, including evapotranspiration & water stress and crop yield prediction models.

The Constellr temperature Pioneers

Our team has a broad background, which we picked up during our times at Fraunhofer, Airbus, the German Aerospace Center, and MunichRe.

This broad skill set allows us not only to cover the technical aspects of ConstellR – space engineering, Earth observation, image processing – but also comprises specific in-sector knowledge, in particular, in the agricultural and insurance businesses. Simply spoken, we know our customers.

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