Real-time high resolution data of our planet


Global observation

Our Cube Sats are able to observe the whole world. Measure the planets health conditions globally

High Precision

Our technology and experience allows us providing high-resolution temperature images

Leading Technology

With leading technology are we able to provide high-resolution thermal data.

Global Connectivity

Fast transmission and quick processing of data possible.

How we serve the planet

Monitoring real-time and high-resolution temperature data helps in various ways to improve the quality of life and earth. 

Together with multiple institutional partners, we are able to face a plenty of problems in the world. Like a Constellation of partners will our Constellation help keeping the planet a better place

The Constellr

We at ConstellR are chasing the dream of observing the health status of our planet in real-time in order to react to natural anomalies or catastrophes as quick as possible. Our work shall have an impact on many different areas and will hopefully soon create a better living on earth.

Max Gulde

Dr. Max Gulde

Head of Technology

Marius Bierdel

Marius Bierdel

Head of Strategy & Technology

Christian Mittermaier

Christian Mittermaier

Head of Finance & Sales

Christian Williges

Christian Williges

Head of Operations & Project Leading

Strong Constellation of Supporters

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